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2020 Wedding Feelings

May 6, 2020

Hi all! Today is the start of my Wedding Wednesday series! I had another blog post lined up for today, but I read Jenna Brauer’s blog post about her feelings for 2020 brides. It was everything that I have been feeling about my upcoming wedding and how I feel for other brides. Her post inspired me to put my feelings out there for this time of my life and so many other’s lives.

This coming Friday is officially 6 months until Grant and I plan to say I do. Regardless of where the world is at in November, we have made the choice to get married on our day and have a reception at a later date if it comes to it. We are so lucky that November is our original date, since so many others have already had to move and postpone their dates, which breaks my heart. I have been trying my best to stay positive with everything going on, but I have most definitely had my moments. I go through cycles of feeling as though everything is fine and then thinking that everything will be cancelled. I’ve emailed all of our vendors a few times just to check to make sure that things are going to be “fine.”

The most frustrating part for me is the unknown. There are no answers, no guarantees, and very little positive. There is something that I don’t think most people think about as well. I am asked almost daily if our wedding is still going forward as planned. This question something that upsets me, but the way that people talk about our wedding is what upsets me. Some get upset that we are choosing to keep things as planned, some are happy for us, and some question our choices. If you have someone close to you that is in this situation, please think about how you are approaching the situation before you speak.

I have been thinking more and more about my bridal shower and bachelorette party, which shouldn’t be “important” in the grand scheme of things. I just keep going back to the fact that these are moments and memories with my closest friends and family that I will not get back. It feels weird to be selfish about wanting these events, but I’m learning to accept it. I am keeping my hopes up that I can have these events in any way that I can, but it is scary.

I’m still coming to terms with how I’m feeling and that it is okay to feel how I feel.  I’m so thankful to be in this exciting time of life with the love of my life which has been my main focus. I am so thankful to be in our position where we are able to planning our wedding and have hope that we can celebrate as planned. To any other 2020 brides, we can do this. Regardless of the choices that have to be made, the focus should be on the love between the two of you. We are strong and we’ve got this!

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