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6 Must Not Miss Food Stops in Denver

September 26, 2018

Hi all! On my trip to Denver this past June, I stopped by so many incredible places for food and drinks. Here are my top six that you must hit when in Denver!

Modern Market

We landed at the Denver International Airport on our first day and decided to pick up some food in the airport. I found a Modern Market and they had a few gluten free sandwich and salad options. I ordered a BLT + A sandwich on gluten free bread and it was phenomenal. It is a full sandwich that comes with a pickle! It was an easy option because it was quick and healthy. They have more locations throughout Colorado and I most definitely want to visit one the next time I am back.


Snooze A.M. Eatery

For breakfast on our first morning in Downtown, we chose to go to Snooze AM Eatery right inside Union Station. The atmosphere was very lively and upbeat. It was very crowded, but we were able to be seated fairly quickly. They had a fairly good amount of options for gluten free guests. I opted for the gluten free chocolate chip pancakes and a side of Portuguese sausage. I was very happy with how they handled my questions about their gluten free menu and the pancakes were to die for! My boyfriend opted for the Ham Benedict III and he loved it! The portion sizes were large, so head over to Snooze with a big appetite! They offer a variety of different drinks and morning cocktails as well!


Little Man Ice Cream

Later that day, we took a long walk over to Little Man Ice Cream! This was one of the stops that I knew I had to go to before we had even arrived. It’s pretty hard to miss the 28 foot cream can that they serve their ice cream from! They had tons of different flavors, including Banana Pudding, Cheesecake Brownie, and Earl Grey Tea and Cookies! They even had a large variety of vegan options!

I opted for a scoop of blackberry and a scoop of mint chocolate chip. My boyfriend went for the French Toast which had pieces of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. We got our scoops in a cup, but they have freshly made waffle cones that are made on site as well! Their ice cream is homemade, which caused it to taste so fresh! One of my favorite things about Little Man Ice Cream is that for every scoop of ice cream that they sell, the donate a scoop of rice, beans, or another essential to a community in need. This is a spot that you must check out!

Ink! Coffee

One of our morning stops included grabbing a quick coffee in Ink! Coffee. We headed to their 16th Street Mall location which was a medium sized location that had plenty of space to sit down and relax or get some work done. I am very much a coffee person, so I was pumped to try out a new coffee place. Both my boyfriend and I went for the Blended Avalanche. It had two times the espresso which gave it that extra kick. The only downfall to the drink for me was that it only came in a huge cup, which was a little too much espresso for me!

My favorite part of Ink! was not only that they offered a variety of pastries to go with your coffee, but they had plenty of gluten free option as well! They carried different slices of individually wrapped cakes from the brand Spruce Confections! I went for the Cinnamon Swirl Coffee Cake, which was amazing! It was such a nice feeling knowing there was no chance of contamination. If you’re looking for a little morning pick me up, this is the place to go.


Sports Column

During one of the nights we were in Denver, it happened to be one of the Stanley Cup games for hockey. We were looking to stop at a bar for some appetizers and to watch the game and during my research, I had come across a bar called the Sports Column. They were vote the Best Sports Bar in Denver and it did not disappoint. We ordered their Rockies Fries and The Avalanche. The Rockies Fries contain french fries topped with carne asada, mixed cheese, green chile, tomatoes, and jalapenos. The Avalanche have tater tots with bacon, cheddar cheese sauce, and ranch dressing. The size of these two appetizers was so large that we were unable to completely finish either. If you are looking for a place to stop for a drink and some appetizers before a game or to watch the big game, this place is a must.


Mellow Mushroom

On our last day, we walked over to Mellow Mushroom for lunch on 16th Street. Mellow Mushroom is a pizza chain that also carries gluten free crust from Smart Flour. I had the Mighty Meaty on a gluten free crust. I have previously had Smart Flour’s crust and enjoyed it, and this time was no different. There was plenty of toppings on the pizza and they addressed my dietary concerns with ease. My boyfriend chose The Great White and enjoyed his as well. This was a quick and easy stop for some delicious pizza!


I hope that you take the chance to stop by some of these delicious restaurants and shops the next time you head into Denver!


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