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Airport Routine

November 27, 2018

Hi all! Travel days can be so overwhelming, no matter how many airports and how many flights that you have been on! I have developed my own routine, so I thought that sharing my routine could help some others out in developing their own!

Before the Airport


For me personally, the time leading up to the airport is the least stressful part of the process. I am very much an organized person, so no matter how short the trip is, I always make a packing list. Lists are something that I use for everything, so I find a packing list very helpful at putting my mind at ease. The morning of my flight, I use my list to pack any last minute items and make sure that I am not forgetting anything.


This next step may sound obvious, but it is something that is easily forgotten. I always make sure to charge all of the electronics that I am planning to bring with me. You never know if you will be lucky enough to score an outlet in your gate or if they will have any on your flight. One of the worst things (at least for me) is getting to the airport and realizing that your laptop is essentially dead and your phone has 40% battery. This could make it difficult if you have loaded your boarding passes onto your phone or have any travel info on your phone or laptop! For any other bloggers, students, or business people, this could also make it very difficult to get any work done that you had planned to!

Going along with my tip about charging your electronics, I typically like to download the app for the airline that I am traveling with. I like to do this while at home so I am able to use wifi and the download time will most likely be quicker. I download the app for a few reasons. Most airlines let you access their in-flight entertainment through the app, so I always want to make sure I have that downloaded before the flight. I also like to download the app because it will be able to give you an accurate look at if your flight is on time or delayed!

Water Bottle

I also am a large supporter of bringing your own water bottle anywhere you go, but especially while traveling. Before I start my journey to the airport, I fill up my water bottle. Staying hydrated before and after a flight is something that a lot of people don’t take into consideration. Traveling on an airplane severely dehydrates you due to the reduced amount of oxygen in the plane. I always try to drink an entire water bottle before reaching the airport, just to make sure I won’t get a headache from dehydration.

At the Airport

As one does, the first step for me in the airport is heading to a kiosk. I have always been the type of person that loves to keep absolutely everything as a memento. I have a huge memory box and a big portion of my mementos are boarding passes. With that being said, I always print out my boarding passes at the airport. I love to keep them as a memory of all of the places that I have been and all of the airports that I have experienced.

There are some airlines that do take your boarding passes as your board the plane, but there is one hack that I have found for Southwest airlines. When I check in my bag on Southwest, they typically print out your boarding pass and hand it to you. When I go to board the plane, I use my Southwest app to scan my boarding pass from there. This then lets me keep my boarding pass!


Next step is security! When I plan for an airport trip, I try to wear shoes that are easy to take on and off. For me, that is usually a pair of boots or slip on sneakers. This makes it that much quicker to load your items into the bins to get through faster. It can also to get out of the line quicker after you have finished your scan.

Because I fill up my water bottle, this could cause an issue going through security. If I have not finished drinking all of my water, I try to empty my water bottle in the bathroom or in a trashcan before I make it into security.

With all of the new TSA rules, I have managed to figure out what I must take out and can leave in my bags. The things that I am normally required to remove from my bag are my laptop, snacks, and any liquids. With this being said, if I am not checking a bag, I keep my toiletry bag in my backpack or purse so that I can easily remove it instead of having to take it out of my suitcase. I also keep my laptop in my backpack or purse to easily take out at security. I also do this because I typically use it while I am waiting for my flight.

In regards to snacks, this is something that I have noticed within my last few trips. There are some airports that ask you to remove any snacks that you have with you, while others allow you to leave them in your bags. If possible, I try to leave my snacks in my backpack or purse. This helps just in case you are required to put them in your tray.


Once through security, I feel like I can take a deep breath! The first thing that I typically do if I am unfamiliar with the airport is to head to my gate. Then I can explore and know where I need to be before boarding! If I already know where I’m headed, I almost always head to explore the airport and grab a drink. If I can find one, my first choice is to grab a Starbucks. I love to grab a hot tea if it’s colder weather, and my favorite flavor is the Peach Tranquility. If it isn’t too cold, I tend to go for an iced tea or lemonade. My pick is the Peach Citrus White Tea Infusion Lemonade! I tend to stay away from getting a coffee since caffeine will dehydrate your body even more.

On the Flight

I am a very stressed and anxiety ridden person once I reach the inside of the plane. This is something that I deal with on essentially every flight, no matter the length. One thing that does tend to help me is sitting at a window seat. I’m not sure whether it is the fact that I can see outside of the plane or something mental, but it really helps ease my mind. If you struggle with flight anxiety, I would suggest trying a window seat!

In-Flight Entertainment and Snacks

If I’m not reading a book on the flight, I always love to take advantage of the in-flight entertainment options. One hack that I love to use is related to using your cellphone to watch any entertainment. I picked up a phone stand from dollar tree a while back, and it is designated to travel with me. I pack that with a headphone splitter and I am set. Once 10,000 feet is reached, I set up the phone stand on the tray table! If I am traveling with someone else and we want to watch the same thing, I use my headphone splitter! Then we are set to watch anything we want hands free!

When it comes to ordering an in-flight drink, I typically gravitate to the same one every single time. Ginger ale. Like I mentioned before, I stay away from caffeine because of the dehydration factor. I do struggle because I am a big fan of carbonation. Ginger ale is a good mix of no caffeine but still getting the bubble satisfaction.


I hope that reading through my travel routine can help you add some new tips into yours! Good luck on your next travels!


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