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Las Vegas Hotel Review

February 28, 2019



Hi all! Right after Christmas, Grant and I took a road trip to Las Vegas, Nevada! I hadn’t been to Las Vegas since I was in middle school, so I was excited to see what had changed since I had last been there. We stayed in 2 different hotels during our short trip, so I wanted to share my reviews of both hotels!

New York New York Hotel

The New York New York hotel was the first hotel that we stayed in, which neither of us had ever stayed at before! We parked in the parking structure attached to the hotel which made it very easy to access our car if we needed to. We parked on the same level as the lobby, so it was perfect!

Check In

We were very lucky because we arrived pretty early at 1pm and we were able to check in right when we arrived instead of the regular check in time of 3pm. Check in was very smooth and easy! Parking was attached to your room key, so that was convenient as well! We stayed in the Century Tower and we had a view of the roller coaster and the strip!

The Room

Our room had a king bed, which we always love because of all of the extra space. There was a side table on both sides, which is always a must for me for charging phones, water, etc. We had a tv against the all and in between the TV was a closet on both sides. This was perfect to store both of our suitcases and hang up any clothes that we didn’t want sitting in the suitcase. We had a full length mirror near the door which I definitely took advantage of. Unfortunately we did not have a refrigerator or microwave. That is always a huge bummer to me because I typically end up taking leftovers from a meal, and not having a place to store it if I want a snack is really disappointing.

Our bathroom was designed beautifully! We had a shower/bathtub combo which was decently sized. We had one sink and plenty of counter space. I always completely unpack my toiletries when I go into a hotel just because it helps me feel settled and this bathroom had plenty of space for it! Since we were there for such a short amount of time, the bathroom wasn’t crucial, but it worked well for us.

Hotel Amenities

Due to winter and the weather, the pools were all closed, which is very unfortunate. We had been hoping to go to the jacuzzi which was quite a bummer. During the summer, we will hopefully be making a trip back so we can experience the pools then! We checked out the fitness center but we didn’t have time to use it. We walked around the hotel and it was so amazing! I loved how it was designed like a city! There were so many different restaurants and little shops to look at! It gave us so many options for late night snacks, which we absolutely loved! 


On the day that we checked in, we were going to the Vegas Golden Knights hockey game in T-Mobile Arena. One of the highlights of the night was that we were heading down the walkway out of the hotel and towards the arena, and we saw a huge group of people. Once we got closer, we realized that it was a procession of Vegas show girls, drumline, and cheerleaders for the Golden Knights! The procession went through the entire hotel and then made its way into the arena! It got both of us very excited and hyped for the game! In addition, it was so cold after the game ended, it was perfect to run right to the hotel and warm up instead of having to trek down the strip!

Flamingo Hotel

After checking out of New York New York Hotel the next morning, we headed over to Flamingo! We parked in the parking structure associated with the hotel and unfortunately, it was a little bit of a walk unlike the parking structure that was attached to New York New York Hotel. We had decided not to check in right when we arrived since it was quite early and we would have been charged an early check in fee, so we decided to explore.

Check In

When we finally grabbed our luggage from the car, we headed to the desk to check in. It was a fairly smooth check in. We had been told that we would be getting a room with a bathtub, but they told us that was not available, which was a bummer. We then headed up the elavator and I was so excited about our room!

The Room

We had a room with a king bed that was in the center of the room. There was SO much storage space for all of our belongings. We had a closet big enough for both of our suitcases which was perfect. There was a thin counter space on both sides of the bed that was enough space for us to charge our phones, keep water, etc.

A fun addition to the room was our curtains. Instead of a typical curtain that you open and close manually, they were electronic. There was a button on the side of the bed closest to the window that opened the sheer shade and another button for the blackout curtain. It made it very fun to mess around with the buttons, but it was also very convenient in the morning instead of having to get up and open the window. One downfall of the view out of the window though was that there was a screen on the outside of the window that was part of a big picture of Donnie and Marie since their show is part of the Flamingo Hotel. It did hinder our view and ability to take pictures out of the window, which was a bummer but not a deciding factor.

We had a sliding door leading into our bathroom, which was perfect. Our bathroom had a glass shower that was larger than most hotel showers I have been in. It was so nice to have a bigger space and not feel like I was going to hit the walls while washing my hair. There was plenty of counter and storage space to put all of our toiletries and belongings. One of the fun additions to the bathroom was a TV that was inside of the bathroom mirror! In the bottom left hand corner of the mirror was a small square that played about 15 cable channels. It was so much fun to put a show on while doing my hair and makeup while Grant was watching a different show in bed.

Hotel Amenities

Just like the New York New York Hotel, the pools were closed which was a bummer but I understood why. We also checked out the fitness center, but didn’t use it either. One thing that I thought was very interesting was something that was located outside of the hotel near the pool. There was a water feature that has tons of different little birds floating around as well as a large amount of real life flamingos. I don’t think that I’ve discussed it on the blog before, but I have an irrational fear of birds. I’ve had it my whole life, so you could assume that I wasn’t the biggest fan of the birds that they had! For bird lovers, I think you would love it. 


I hope that this little hotel review can help give you some insight when making a decision about where you want to stay in Las Vegas, Nevada!

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