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Last Minute Gift Ideas

December 19, 2019

Hi all! I hope that everyone is having an amazing holiday season and enjoying time with your friends and family. The holidays can be such a busy and stressful season, especially if you are buying gifts for others. I wanted to share some easy last minute gifts ideas for those people still on your list! Most products are available on Amazon, so you can get them within just a few days!


Resistance Bands

I purchased these resistance bands on Amazon roughly a month ago and I could not be more happy with them. We use these types of bands in the clinic that I work in and I have seen amazing results from them! This pack specifically comes with 5 different types of resistance that have different colors and the amount of resistance printed on them. They also include a small card that shows multiple exercises for different body parts if you need examples! I typically use them around my legs, but you can use them on your arms. I purchased them from a lightning deal on Cyber Monday, but they are still on sale today!


Hydro Flask

I have been using a Hydro Flask for a year and a half now and I have not looked back. Over the last few years, I have been actively trying to drink more water and I think that having a bottle that keeps drinks cold for an extended period of time. I currently have the 21oz  Standard Mouth Hydro Flask, but I have been thinking of upgrading to a 32oz wide mouth! There is a huge variety of colors and styles for every type of person!


Yoga Mat

Yoga is a form of exercise that I used to be very involved in, but I fell out of it over the last few years. My mom bought me a new yoga mat for Christmas last year and it really got me back into it and also got me into working out at home. This yoga mat specifically comes with a carrying case which is absolutely perfect for someone that goes to a yoga studio or likes to exercise outside!



Packing Cubes

When I travel, I almost always try and fit everything into just a carry on suitcase or just a weekender bag. I hadn’t seen too much about packing cubes until I started following Lindsay Silberman, who is the travel and beauty queen! I ordered packing cubes back in the summer and I will never use anything else. It helps to maximize the space in your bags and to separate your shoes from the rest of your clothing and toiletries.


Noise Cancelling Headphones

Bose SoundLink Around Ear Wireless Headphones II have been my best and most worthwhile purchase that I have made this year! They have been a game changer for the airport and for doing blog work in public places! I had been looking for an over the ear headphone for a while because I really wanted to block out the noise while I am trying to concentrat on work or hear the craziness in the airport! The headphones are Bluetooth, but they come with a cord if you need to plug them into your phone or computer!


Toiletry/Makeup Bag

You can never have too many makeup and toiletries bags for travel! I think that a 3 piece set is a perfect gift because you will always need different sized bags for different events, such a long trip or just a night at a friends house! I love the quality of these bags and the fact that they are waterproof! I always leave my bags by the sink in hotels, so it’s perfect in case I spill any water from the sink.



Movie Date Basket

One thing that I love to give as a gift is experiences! Whether it be concerts, amusement parks, or sporting events. An idea that I love to give is a movie date. I have given two options, either a date to the movies or a movie date night in. For a movie theatre fate, I love to get a pair of movie tickets, a few boxes of candy, and small bags of other snacks (chips, pretzels, trail mix) and put them all in a basket! For an at home movie date, I love to get a reusable popcorn basket and fill it with a popular movie, bags of popcorn, candy, snacks, and a few drinks!


Mug with A Surprise Inside!

A gift that I struggle with every year is office gifts! I always want to find something personal, so this is one of my favorite ideas! I love to give a personalized mug, whether it be a monogrammed mug or a mug with a saying that is perfect for them. I always fill the mug with something specific to the person, whether it be a coffee gift card, candy, a package of hot chocolate, or a snack.


Spa Night In

A perfect gift to give is a moment of relaxation! An at home spa package is the perfect gift for a person that needs a moment to slow down and take a moment for themselves. Some ideas for a spa package are eye masks from Patchology, lip masks from Patchology, bath bombs or face mask from Lush, Dr. Teal’s Pure Epsom Salt Soak or Foaming Bath Soak!


I hope that any of these ideas are able to help you out for those people in your life that you haven’t gotten a gift for her you couldn’t think of a gift idea for! I hope that you have an amazing holiday that is relaxing, stress-free, and filled with so much love and light. I can’t wait to share more in the new decade!

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