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Seattle Recap

October 25, 2018

Hi all! I wanted to give you all a little recap of my 4 day trip to Seattle! Grant and I went up to visit our friends and I have always wanted to see what Seattle looks like in autumn! The weather was fantastic for our entire trip, so we were able to do everything that we wanted. Here is my recap of our trip!

Day 1- Thursday

We flew out of San Diego Airport and unfortunately got delayed, but for only an hour! Our flight took off at about 4pm and landed at Sea-Tac Airport at about 7pm! We took the light rail from the airport, which is one of the easiest ways to travel from the airport! A one way ticket is only $3, which also makes it an affordable way to travel. There are stops all the way from the airport to Downtown and past. We got off at the Capitol Hill stop because that’s where we were getting picked up! After our friend Daniel picked us up, our first stop was for dinner! I actually have an entire blog post tall about the Seattle food stops from our trip! If you want to check that out, here it is!


After we ate dinner at my favorite gluten free pizza stop Sizzle Pie, we talked for a few hours before starting our drive to Lynnwood! We were staying with our friends and since we hadn’t seen them for over 4 months, we spent the rest of the night catching up and hearing about what we had all been up to! It was the perfect night to relax after traveling for the day!


Day 2- Friday

On our first morning, we slept in to catch up after our travel day! After we woke up, we drank some coffee on the porch with breakfast. It was the best way to start the day with the nice autumn air and beautiful trees. Right on our friend’s porch, it overlooks these beautiful trees that were just starting to change for autumn! After relaxing on the porch, we headed to Downtown Kirkland for lunch and to relax by the waterfront! We grabbed lunch from Homegrown and lunch and hung out by the waterfront. It was so nice to sit by the water and take in the surroundings. The wind did pick up quite a bit, but it didn’t deter us from sitting by the water for over an hour.

Flatstick Pub

After we finished eating and relaxing, we headed to Flatstick Pub. This was a place that we had never been before, so I was excited to go! The Kirkland location of Flatstick Pub is a small pub that offers tons of local beers and ciders. Grant and our friend Mandie went and picked out the beers that they wanted from the huge selection. One of the main features of Flatstick Pub is that they have a MINI GOLF COURSE inside of the pub! It is a 9 hole mini golf course that has “water hazards”, keg obstacles, and is pretty difficult! The “water hazards” make it very difficult and you have to plan out every shot. Since it is only 9 holes, it does goes fairly fast but that doesn’t take away how much fun it is!

Flatstick Pub offers a ton of events throughout the week, including happy hour, trivia night, shuffleboard, and bingo! I absolutely can’t wait to come back and try their cider the next time that I am up in Seattle! After we finished mini golf, we hung out and caught up a little more with our friend Mandie!

After Flatstick, we headed to the grocery store to pick up some pumpkins to carve and some things to drink! We planned to have a fun night of carving pumpkins, watching movies, and playing games!

Dinner and Pumpkin Carving!

Once we picked up the pumpkins, we headed back to their place to wait for Daniel so that we could head out to dinner. We decided to stay in Lynnwood for dinner, so we went to Moonshine BBQ! I am a huge fan of barbecue, so I was pumped to try out a new place. The food was incredible and I loved the atmosphere!

After coming home from dinner, it was time to carve pumpkins! We turned on Harry Potter and started carving! We had so many laughs and moments of frustration while trying to create pumpkin masterpieces!

Here are our finished products!

Of course we had to have a photo shoot with our pumpkins, and once we were done, it was time for games! Our friends have the Nintendo Switch, so we played Mario Kart and Mario Party! Without question, there was lot of yelling and laughing during all of the games which made it even more fun. We played games for the rest of the night and then headed to bed!


Day 3- Saturday

To start put our Saturday, We slept in and grabbed a quick Chick-fil-A breakfast to start our day. This was the first time that I had ever done Chick-fil-A breakfast, and I loved it! After breakfast, the girls and guys split up for the afternoon. Mandie and I headed to the movies to see A Star is Born, whereas the guys headed to the park to play catch and then to play video games.

Even though it’s been over a week since seeing the movie, I still don’t have the words to describe how INCREDIBLE this movie was. Of course I will not give any spoilers, so all I will say is that I would have never expected how amazing Bradley Cooper’s voice is and I now want to see Lady Gaga act in every movie! I got just as emotional as I had heard that everyone else had gotten, so there was a lot of tears. To anyone that enjoys drama and musical movies, I highly recommend everyone to go see this movie. I will most definitely be going to see it again!

After we all got home, it was time to head to Bob’s Corn Maze and Pumpkin Farm! We had a big group meeting us there, so we headed to Snohomish, Washington! We were one of the first people of our group to get to the pumpkin patch, so we met up with two other friends and took some cute pumpkin patch pictures and walked around all of the little stands selling food and knick knacks.

After we took some pictures, we headed to Downtown Snohomish to pick up some dinner. We met up with the rest of our group and I headed to one pizza place that offered gluten free pizza. I picked up my pizza and went over to meet the rest of the group who had headed to another pizza place since the place that I picked up my pizza from didn’t have enough space to hold our entire group. We brought all of our pizzas over to the brewery next store and hung out until it was dark!

Bob’s Corn Maze

We then headed back to Bob’s Corn Maze to start the maze! Bob’s Corn Maze is a 10 acre maze that is very difficult and even more fun if you do it at night since there are no lights! Before we headed over to the maze, we stopped at one of the stands and got a variety of snacks and drinks, including pumpkin donuts and hot apple cider. After grabbing our snacks, we took a hayride over to the start of the maze!

This corn maze was most definitely the hardest maze I have ever done, but it helped to be in a big group. We had to bring flashlights and use our phones to see where we were going! By the time we started, it was about 40 degrees, so it was a rush to finish the first half! Throughout the maze, there are questions about Bob’s Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch to help you find your way.

After about 45 minutes, we finally finished the first half! We then headed to our fire pit that we had reserved. One of the perks of reserving a fire pit is that before you start the maze, you can drop off any goodies that you want and the employees will drop them off at the fire pit so that you do not have to walk through the maze carrying your things. We had brought s’mores ingredients so that we could roast them over the fire! We had an hour to make s’mores and hang out with everyone before we took on the second half of the maze!

The second half was definitely more difficult not because of the corn maze, but because of the temperature. Since we had been around the fire, we were all warm and comfortable, so going out into the 39 degree weather was rough. Since it was late, we were all cold and frustrated with hitting dead ends, so we finished the second half of the maze a little bit faster than we had finished the fist half. We walked back to the car and headed our separate ways! After we got back to where we were staying, it took a good hour to defrost before heading to bed!

Day 4- Sunday

On our final morning, we woke up and ate some homemade breakfast while watching football! After we packed up all of our thing, we all got in the car and started the drive to Downtown Seattle! One of my favorite things to do on my last day is to go to Downtown before we head to the airport. If you are driving in Downtown, parking can be difficult, especially if it is the weekend. It may take you some time, but I promise it is worth the wait.

Downtown Seattle

Our first stop in Downtown was to go through a few shops before we headed to lunch. We headed to Potbelly Sandwich Shop. I had never been before and I would highly recommend it for a fresh tasting and filling lunch. After we ate, we headed to one of my favorite spots in downtown.

Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market is one of my favorite things to do while I am in Downtown! The market is filled with stands of flowers, fruits, vegetables, handmade knick knacks, pictures, and more! My favorite to walk by are the flower stands! They are all locally grown and the workers make bouquets right in front of you! They are all reasonably priced, typically only $10! My other favorite part of Pike Place is the fish market that throws fish!

Pike Place Fish Market sells pounds and pounds of fresh fish! The employees are known for throwing huge fish to each other across the fish market. They draw huge crowds every time that they throw the fish since it is a huge tourist attraction!

After walking through Pike Place for over an hour, we decided to walk through some more of the other stores before heading to the light rail station. My favorite stop that we made was to Simply Seattle! Simply Seattle is a touristy shop that has Seattle souvenirs! I had been on the hunt to pick up a Seattle sweatshirt, and this was the place that I finally found one that I loved! I love to pick up postcards everywhere that I travel to, and they had some beautiful ones!

Heading Home!

After shopping, it was time to say goodbye to our friends! They dropped us off at the light rail station and it most definitely go emotional. We don’t get to see them nearly as much as we would all like to, so it’s upsetting leaving every time. On the light rail back to the airport, it was rough.

We made it to the airport with way less time than we had wanted, so we were in a huge rush! We made it through security in under 10 minutes, which has never happened to me in Sea-Tac airport before. Thank goodness we had just enough time to grab a Starbucks and then we got in line to board!

We landed in San Diego right before 10pm and headed back to Orange County!

Thank you for reading through my recap of our Seattle trip! I hope that this blog post can help you add some stops to your next Seattle trip!


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