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Travel Skincare Routine

October 10, 2018

Hi all! My skin has been a huge struggle for me for the last few years. Traveling used to complicate my skin problems even more, no matter what my skincare routine was. In the last few years, I’ve had extremely oily and acneic skin. I always seemed to breakout either on the last few days of a trip or immediately after I returned home, no matter the destination. In the last year, I was able to get into a skin care routine that has dramatically improved my skin. Even after I found a routine that worked for me, traveling was still rough for my skin. Within the last few months, I have found my perfect routine to help me not breakout while traveling!

I am not an expert about skincare in any way, but I wanted to share what has helped me. Here are all of the products that I use while I am traveling!


In my opinion, a cleanser is one of the most important items in your skin care routine. Without a cleanser, none of the other items in your routine will work as they are supposed to. The cleanser that I use regardless of if I’m traveling or not is the White Tea Purifying Cleanser from Arcona. It is gel cleanser and it can be used daily. I use in the morning and at night, and it leaves my skin feeling clean without the feeling of my skin being stripped and dry. It helps to soothe the skin as well, which makes it work well for breakout prone skin.



A toner is not something that everyone feel is necessary for a daily skin routine, but I think that it has helped me a lot. I use the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater. This spray specifically is used to help soothe skin, boost hydration, and help give your skin some glow. I use the spray after cleansing my skin or any time during the day that I feel like I need a little refresh. It can be used for any skin type and it comes in a couple different sizes. I typically buy the 2 oz bottle from Ulta and it is the perfect size. I have the large bottle at home as well, and I will use the larger bottle to refill the smaller bottle if it is running low.



Since autumn is upon us and the weather is about to become more cold and cause our skin to become dry and sensitive. The moisturizer that I use is perfect for the coming weather and year round! My moisturizer pick is the Epicuren Acidophilus Probiotic Facial Cream. This moisturizer has worked wonders for me. Some of the ingredients include Micronized Silver and Lactobacillus Acidophilus, which help to restore balance in the skin. This product is geared towards combination, oily, and sensitive skin types. It is a heavier moisturizer than others, but it gives me the moisture that I need.



While traveling for anything more than a weekend trip, I like to bring along an exfoliant since I am in the routine of exfoliating 2-3 times a week. The product that I bring along with me is Epicuren’s 5% Clear Glycolic Peel. This product is a liquid exfoliant and is used to increase the process of releasing dry and dead skin cells. I use this about 2 times a week at night and it is recommended to be used 1-3 times per week at the most. I put two pumps on a cotton ball and swipe the cotton ball all over my face. It is important to use sunscreen the day after using the product since it does increases the skin’s sensitivity to the sun. Since the bottle is only 2 oz, I can easily bring it in my carry on along with a few cotton balls.



Sunscreen is an essential for anyone’s skincare routine, regardless of age or skin type. I have gone through plenty of different sunscreens to find one that works with my oily skin. The one that has worked the best for me is the Epicuren Zinc Oxide Perfecting Sunscreen SPF 27. As any sunscreen does, this product helps protect you from the sun, but it also helps with hyper pigmentation when used regularly. The sunscreen uses almost entirely zinc, which is perfect because it does not have all of the chemical ingredients that many other sunscreens contain. It gives you a matte finish which works well with my oily skin. Another benefit is that over time, it can help even out complexion. Even though the SPF isn’t as high as other brands, I have found that it works very well for sun protection for me specifically.


Makeup Remover

I am not the kind of person that wears makeup everyday, but when I do, a quality makeup remover is a necessity. There are so many reviews out there that many makeup wipes are too harsh on the skin, so I have opted for another product. I use the Stone Crop Cleansing Oil from Eminence. I was really afraid to use this product since I have oily skin and didn’t want to put more oil onto my face. After reading about the product, I found out that it uses Jojoba oil to lightly hydrate the skin, while a mixture of stone crop and sunflower oil to help cleanse the face and more importantly remove makeup.

This product takes off my makeup better than anything else I have used before. I do only use this product to remove my makeup because I am breakout prone. Typically, I use the cleansing oil to solely remove my makeup. For my second cleanse, I use the White Tea Purifying Cleanser.


If you have skin like me, I hope one of these products can help your skin! I hope you will have the opportunity to try out a few of these products for yourselves!

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